Cardi B Suffers Face-Swelling Allergic Reaction She revealed what her face looks like to fans on Instagram Live.

Cardi B is still fresh off the success of her and Bruno Mars’ widely celebrated “Finesse (Remix)” record and retro visuals, which the rap and pop-funk collabo pair released on Thursday (January 4). Unfortunately, Cardi hasn’t been able to celebrate as much as she’d like to with her loyal Bardi Gang due to a sudden allergic reaction that has swollen her face and sent her to the hospital, according to her Instagram Live.

“I think I ate some fish yesterday, and I caught a very bad allergy reaction,” she said. “I never was allergic to fish, I don’t know what’s going on, but my face looks so bad. Like, I had to go to the hospital and everything earlier.”

Thankfully, the reaction hasn’t taken too much of a toll on Cardi’s physical health despite it affecting her physical appearance—temporarily. She made sure to send a special thanks to Bruno, who also wished her a speedy recovery amid the health hiccup, for reaching out to her for the record. Cardi also admitted that even though she hates doing music videos, the 24K Magic star made it all worthwhile.

Just so fans knew the severity of her allergic reaction, she then revealed both of her swollen eyes on the camera. And knowing Cardi, she’s always able to find a good laugh out of her own tough situations, letting everyone know that she would only show her eyes one by one so folks wouldn’t make a meme out of her.

“I’m just trying to sleep this off, like, this freaking allergy,” she said. “Supposedly, I’ll be better in like two days. And I’m really happy. The last two weeks of 2017 was a little rough, but 2018 is starting amazing. God sees everything.”

She then goes on to remind everyone that she’s able to keep her spirits so high, even when times are low, because of her faith and relationship with the man up above.

Preach, Cardi! We’re sure this one’s just a minor setback for an amazing comeback.

Watch her share the details of her allergic reaction below.


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