Bow Wow Explains His Infamous Private Jet Tweet

While we may be just five days into 2018, Bow Wow is still partaking in his infamous social media antics of last year.

The rapper-turned-actor not only kicked off the new year by getting roasted but also provided some insight into his infamous private jet tweet. During a recent sit-down with Steve Harvey, Bow shared his side of the fiasco that sparked the cringeworthy #BowWowChallenge.

If you can recall, the Ohio native shared a photo on Instagram of his “travel day,” which featured a private jet and several luxury cars. The catch is Bow was actually seated on a commercial flight and had simply reposted the image from a traveling company. According to the Ohio native, however, he chose to share the photo simply because it was his “mood picture.”

“Basically, I was traveling to New York. I was on a commercial flight. I saw a picture I liked. I posted it and put ‘travel day,'” Bow explained. And, it appears as though in the months since the ordeal Bow has also been able to make light of it all.

“It looked like I was taking the big boy jet going to New York,” he continued. “But really I was on Delta.”

Take a look at Bow Wow’s full remarks on his infamous private jet tweet, below.


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