Ma$e Breaks Down The Lyrics To His Cam’ron Diss Track ‘The Oracle’ He explains the intent behind the record.

Ma$e sent hip hop heads into a frenzy recently when he released “The Oracle,” a song many assumed to be a jab at his rap rival Cam’ron.

In an effort to clear things up and share his side of the story, the “Welcome Back” MC took to Genius to break down the lyrics so there’s no confusion.

Before “The Oracle” was released, Cam’ron dropped his own record titled “It’s Killa” featuring a direct dig at Ma$e, forcing many to believe that the Bad Boy Records MC’s response was inspired by the jab.

“When I came back with ‘Welcome Back’ [in 2004], Dame ran up to me like, why don’t you and Cam just beef,” Ma$e said in the “Oracle” annotations. “I was like, ‘Beef? Why would we beef?’ It was the weirdest thing I ever heard. He was like, ‘Why don’t you and Cam just beef? It’ll stay on record, it’ll stay on wax.'”

Ma$e then mentioned that the whole idea wasn’t appeasing to him, and he left it alone as he knew the feud between them just was all fake. However, once “It’s Killa” dropped, he had a change of heart.

He went on to explain that while he’s “not really a back and forth person,” he didn’t regret his standout “ain’t gone talk about the time you f****d your sister” line. “I don’t really have to say much,” he added. “It’s funny because everybody around know all of this stuff. It’s just nobody said nothin’.”


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